We’re Green

For a greener, cleaner planet

"At Deltor we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, not only do we take great care of your print, we also take steps to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can. We have invested in 480 solar panels positioned on our factory roof which produces 120kw of power and means that your printed products are produced, in part, using sustainable energy."

Sam Shannon - Managing Director


How we go about it

We actively seek ways of reducing our effect on the environment by monitoring our processes and the materials we use. We hold ISO14001 certification which is the international standard for environmental management and acknowledges our commitment to effective waste control, the use of sustainable and recycled materials and the reduction of harmful emissions.

Solar Power

Our 14000 sq. ft. solar panelled roof generates a large proportion of our electricity usage and saves over 52,000kg of co2 each year.

Energy Management

The installation of power sensors on all of our machinery and equipment enables us to accurately monitor and manage energy usage.

Reel Fed Paper

Our B1 printing press uses a paper reel-fed system which allows us to tailor with precision the size of paper required for each job, this in turn dramatically reduces the volume of paper wastage!

Paper & Inks

We can supply paper that is:

  • derived totally from sustainable sources
  • recycled from post-consumer waste
  • is carbon neutral
  • a mixture of both sustainably produced and recycled content
  • fully recyclable and biodegradable
  • totally chlorine free
  • elemental chlorine free
  • produced from paper mills holding ISO14001 certification

We are able to provide a chain of custody for our paper supplies, offering an audit trail for the material used and guaranteeing its source.

Where possible we use vegetable based inks without compromising quality.

Please see our Environmental Policy for further information.